Getting Creative For Designing A Job Ad

24 May 2013

In a previous post I gave a special job ad as an example of a way to excite a developer about a company/position. In this post I want to show you how we came to our current job ad.

We always need good new people at our company. 6 months ago, we wanted to publish a new job ad and the CEO asked for some input. I had already written about the idea to craft an ad form source code. We had some short discussions if this could be an option for us and we settled to give it a try.

Since we were looking for a Java developer, the obvious option was to choose Java code as medium. We sat together and agreed on some points we wanted to see in the ad. I began coding the ad in a typical Java fashion, the code wasn’t that readable at this point. The transformation from source code to HTML was mainly done by hand. The result is depicted next.

1st version

After getting some good feedback from this version and still needing new people, a second version of the ad was to be published. We sat together again and discussed the content. The skills searched for didn’t change much, but the presentation was to be redesigned. Our head of marketing wanted something more fancy, thus we chose a dark theme for the code background. Furthermore we wanted to have an ad that is easily readable. Therefore we chose a more fluent way to program our requirements.

This time no hand conversion of the code to HTML. I used Sublime Text 2 with the Print to HTML package to convert the code to HTML and did some adjustments. But this time it was way less hassle. The result is shown below. We got great feeback again.

Final version